Handmade soaps that are a natural labour of love

happy childhood memories

I have always had a creative side, with hobbies including painting, sewing, and making silver jewelry. My childhood summers were spent in Apold, Transylvania, where I hand made soap at the family home. Natural ingredients would be gathered, especially the elderflower which is indigenous to the area. In the summer of 2017 after a long absence, I returned with my own family. Little did I realise that a passion for Apold had been reignited and since then I have made regular trips back with my husband. Following that return, I decided that I had to make soap again to recreate my happy childhood memories.

Handmade soap sparks passion for pure-ganic class!

Why should I use handmade soap?

A question I get asked often is “Why should I use handmade soap?
The answer is simple. After learning how to make natural soap, it was clear that they did not contain any of the chemicals that mass-produced soaps do. My products are made with only four natural ingredients and then the fragrance is added. We are an ecofriendly, plastic free company and we recycle as much as we can in our workshop.

Diversification from natural artisan soaps to handmade candles

the start of the soapy journey

I enrolled on a workshop in Devon in 2018 and that was the start of the “soapy journey”. The addition of fragranced soy wax candles came along after thinking of a complimentary gift product to accompany the first range of artisan soaps. We conducted four months of research to ensure the best quality product was produced. Reed diffusers came next and were introduced in time for Christmas 2019.
I have run several successful businesses over the past twenty years, and currently help my husband and daughter with their businesses too.

I am proud of the fact that what started out as a childhood dream has turned into a whole new venture.

Do essential oils help the future smell sweet for Apold?

And where can I buy?

In 2020 I am hoping that it will become my full-time job. I have managed to get my products into three retail shops and am always on the lookout for more. We have traded at Arley Hall Christmas Fayre and won the Best Festive Stall. We have also been featured in both The Cheshire Magazine and the Sibiu city magazine (Transylvania)

“So where can I buy handmade candles and soaps?” I hear you ask. The answer is, without a doubt, through Cheshire Quality!

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