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Having worked in the fast and relentless way of life in London, working in politics and housing management, I felt it was time to satisfy the creative side of my nature whilst utilising the transferable skills my career in London had brought me.

My realisation that I wanted to become an artisan food producer came out of the blue. My wife and I were running our training business and the recession hit in 2010, coupled with us moving to rural Cheshire – somewhere I had always wanted to live. My wife decided to make cakes and sell them at local markets. I asked “what can I do to help” and I made my first jam – plum – for a bakewell tart. I really enjoyed it, got really good feedback and my desire to make more handmade goods was sky high.

Artisan chutney and jam

A Delicious Opportunity to Develop Delectable Artisan Chutney

Using traditional methods

I started my production line in the most traditional jam making way; using a Maslin pan, spoon and thermometer – which I continue to do to this day. Using this traditional method ensures that Berry Fresh Bakery only makes small batches at one time, ensuring that the fruit and ingredients hold their flavour by not having to compete with longer cooking.

Having already run my own training business for nearly 10 years, and with my wife also having a long career in catering, we knew that our skills and knowledge would help us to succeed within the artisan food world. My wife tends to work on the back of house element in her spare time, whilst I create, source new outlets and enjoy the entrepreneurial aspect of Berry Fresh.

Fabulously Fresh Artisan Jam and Artisan Marmalade

Three Great Taste Awards

A typical day in the bakery is spent chopping, cutting (95%) by hand, stirring, heating, sterilising, pouring and jarring. That is usually from 8am – 6pm each day. That is when I am not making deliveries and attending markets or shows. We can guarantee you our goods are most certainly handmade.

Having already achieved three Great Taste Awards, we endeavour to achieve more! Whilst we currently supply some selected wholesale clients, farm shops and delis, I do want to grow the business to supply others and attend less markets. However, it is important that any growth opportunities do not mean losing the integrity and authenticity of the brand, which is as an artisan food producer cooking in small batches using locally sourced products where possible.

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