Bringing a Buzz Back to Artisan Honey Products

Haughton Honey

Haughton Honey was started by me, an English bee farmer! I felt that honey had become a bit boring and unexciting and I wanted to make it fun again.

Bringing the Art Back into Artisan Raw Honey

With the help of my bees

With a simple passion for the outdoors and a love of food I decided to market and sell pure and artisan raw honey products in a way never done before, whilst helping parents understand that honey’s purity is good for their kids. In fact, it’s good for everyone! Haughton Honey is 100% pure and raw honey, and is as our good friend Mother Nature intended.

With the help of my bees I set about bottling honey into jars and labelling it with a colourful and simple message about what it is, whilst crossing my fingers in the hope that Haughton Honey would one day sit on shop shelves and then in kitchen cupboards across the country.

The Rebirth of British Artisan Honey Products

Pure, natural foods

Haughton Honey was born out of a nation’s growing appetite for pure, natural foods, and honey is the food that we all love and live for.

All of us believe in what we do and think that it’s a worthwhile way to spend our time. I firmly believe that bee farming works with nature and that what we take out we should try and put back through partnerships and education.

Raw English Wildflower Honey with a Refined Taste

Committed to great, personal customer service

Haughton Honey is committed to great, personal customer service too. But hey, if you don’t think that you like honey then don’t fret. Haughton Honey loves you no matter what. I am sure that when you try some real honey (not the bland, pasteurised and usually imported squeezy stuff that you see all over the place) then you’ll change your mind. And anyway, just by being here you’re helping us spread our sticky word that Haughton Honey artisan food products are the very best! They have a real buzz about them after all…

Find Chris and family’s famous honey in our Knutsford store and online at our Marketplace

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