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Having grown up in  Davenham, I still live in the beautiful Cheshire village, and I create all my artisan products from here, in my loft studio.

Unique Textile Print Designer Offering Bespoke Tote Bag Designs

bold colourful printed accessories

I didn’t intend on becoming an artisan producer. I studied textile print design at university but after I  finished, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I realised that I didn’t want to work for a textile company as I had so many individual ideas of my  own which  I wanted to pursue. I now combine the design work with working as a gardener part time. I love being able to work outside, and I take a lot of my inspiration from nature and plants for my design work, so this is the perfect combination.

I wanted to create this collection of bold colourful printed accessories, as I realised currently there are not many places where you can get independently designed products that showcase the creative process and the story of the designer.

Bespoke Tote bag designs

Vibrant and Sustainable Digital Fabric Printing

a textile designer and an installation artist

For my first products I tried several manufacturers that used different textile printing methods, but I found that I couldn’t achieve the colour vibrancy and the hand painted details of my prints that I wanted, or the quality of products that I desired. After sampling with a variation of different printing processes, I finally decided that digital textile printing was the best way forward for my handmade goods.

I went about setting up my own design business, after experiencing what it was like to be self-employed through my work placement year at university, in which I interned for a textile designer and an installation artist. I found this experience gave me the knowledge of how to run a small design business, and also inspired me to give it a go with my own artisan products.

Each day is different for me. I split my time between doing gardening work, and any spare time is spent working on my design work. I tend to work best at night, this is usually when I do most of my creative work and developing artisan product ideas.

My goal for my business is to reach the point where I can be focusing on it full time. To do this I would like to collaborate with larger brands who support small design businesses, and I would like to create a larger range of products that promote independent design and handmade goods.

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