Macrame plant holders

Planting the Idea of 100% Recycled Macrame Plant Holders

100% Recycled Plant Holders

Here at Plant & Soul, we put our heart and soul into our artisan products.

With the environment and sustainability being at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, our handmade hanging macrame plant holders are made from 100% recycled t-shirt yarn.

Hanging Macrame Plant Holders – Handmade with Care and Love

A fun and practical addition

These handmade goods are designed and knotted with care and love in the beautiful county of Cheshire. Available in a vast array of colours, these on-trend hanging planters are a fun and practical addition to any household.

With so much emphasis at the moment on reducing plastic waste, why not do your bit for the environment and bring a little Plant & Soul into your home. Remember, as Anna Lappe of the Small Planet Institute says, “every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote to the kind of world you want”, so don’t be left hanging around!

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