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Hello my name is Tony and I am the founder of TJM Pens and Gifts.

I originally come from Grantham in Lincolnshire and moved to Chester in 2007 after meeting the love of my life, whom I married in 2009 and still very happily married.

My working background is ex-British army and in civilian life engineering, working in the oil and gas industry shot-blasting for the last 11 years. My work has taken me round the world and has given me various different skills and abilities.

From hobby to passion to producer…

Even perfume atomisers are now on the list

I never intended to become an artisan but I have always had a creative side. I started to go to woodturning classes in May 2018 as I always had an interest in the traditional skills of woodturning.

My second project in the class was to learn how to make a wooden pen, which I had made from some plum tree that was cut down in our garden. As it was from our garden I gave it to my wonderful wife who still uses it to this day. I was pleased with how my first pen looked so I posted pictures on social media and got a very good response to it. Having also really enjoyed making this pen, I decided to make a few more for family and friends.

The more I made the more I started to experiment with the shape and design of the pen and the texture of the various woods. Following the response to social media, I was asked to make a pen for a birthday present and this is how TJM Pens and Gifts was created.

A unique gift made to individual tastes and needs

From scrabble tiles to reclaimed jigsaws

I enjoy making pens, as every pen I create is unique in the design, feel, texture and the finish of the wood. I can tailor each pen to the individual persons needs and preferences. I want each person to enjoy holding and using their pen. What I also enjoy is trying to make pens from unusual items for example Scrabble tiles, dominoes and even a wooden jigsaw puzzle I have used in the past.

I shall continue to develop my unique and bespoke designs of pens whilst I slowly expand my business but still keeping that personal service that I provide.

Find Tony’s amazing hand crafted pens and gifts at our Knutsford store.

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